A number of major news providers, including Forbes, al-Jazeera, the BBC & the Associated Press, are reporting that a Palestinian youth has been killed in an act of aggression by a settler living in the occupied West Bank, following an incident involving the throwing of stones at the settler’s vehicle on route 60, east of Ramallah.Al-Jazeera reported that the teenager, Aysar al-Zaben, had left his home with friends, and that when the group returned without al-Zaben, they did not mention the stone throwing.

The Popular Struggle Co-ordination Committee has stated that al-Zaben was not involved in the throwing of stones at the settler, but had instead been tending to his family’s lands.

Palestinian ambulance drivers found the young man lying face down, Thursday evening, already dead. They stated that he had been shot in the back.

Also on Thursday, the UN Office for the Co-ordination of Humanitarian Affairs in the Palestinian territories published their weekly report on the protection of civilians for the week, May 5-11.

The report stated that there had been at least nine incidents of violence involving Israeli settlers and Palestinian civilians, injuring five Palestinians, including three children.