Israeli soldiers shot and killed on Saturday a 75-year oldو and wounded another Palestinian in a separate incident near the border with Gaza.Israeli Radio reported that the body of the 75-year old man was discovered on Saturday morning and that his bodies carried several bullet marks.

The man was reported missing two days before his body was located.

Israeli daily, Haaretz, reported that a military spokesperson stated that soldiers noticed the man at dawn and opened fire at him under the claim that he entered an off limits zone.

He did not cross the border or approach the ‘security fence’, but approached a border area used by Palestinian fighters in attacking Israeli soldiers.

Another Palestinian, 22 –year old was wounded in a separate incident, and was moved to a hospital for treatment.

Israel prevents the Palestinians from approaching the border fence and the army killed and wounded dozens of Palestinians while working in their lands that are adjacent to the border.

Marking the 62nd anniversary of the Nakba, thousands of Palestinians marched in Gaza calling for unity, and for the internationally guaranteed Right of Return of the Palestinian refugees who lost their homes and land during the creation of Israel on their land.

The procession in Gaza brought together leaders of the rival Hamas and Fateh movement. The protestors waved Palestinian flags and chanted against the occupation while some protestors carried a giant key symbolizing the Palestinian determination to return to their homes and lands.