The Hamas run security forces in the Gaza Strip and its Ministry of Interior executed three prisoners, on Tuesday at dawn, who were previously convicted of murder and sentenced to death. The three were executed by gunfire. This is the second execution carried by the government in Gaza in a few weeks, as its previously executed two Palestinians convicted of collaborating with Israel.
Medical sources in Gaza confirmed the executions and said that three bodies were moved to al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza city.

The Ministry of interior in Gaza said that the executed prisoners are identified as Amer Jundiyya, Rami Juha and Matar Al Shobaky, the Maan News Agency reported.

The Ministry said that the three were convicted of murder and sentenced in accordance to the Palestinian law.

The three murder cases include killing a 40-year old man from Gaza city, kidnapping, raping and killing a young woman in 2003, and killing a man.

On April 15, the Ministry of Interior in Gaza executed two Palestinians who were convicted of collaborating with Israel.

Ehab al-Ghaseen, spokesperson of the Interior Ministry in Gaza, vowed that more convicted criminals will be executed soon.

Under the Palestinian Law, death sentences cannot be carried out without the approval of the Palestinian government, but the Hamas movement does not recognize President Mahmoud Abbas of Fateh, and considers his presidency illegal as his term in office has expired.

All of the executions in Gaza were conducted without the approval of Abbas.