United States President, Barack Obama, attempted to justify Israel’s deadly attack on the Freedom Flotilla, described it as tragic, yet stated that Israel has “legitimate concerns regarding the Gaza Strip run by Hamas.”In an Interview with CNN America, Obama stated that Israel is conducting what he described as “objective investigation” into the attack, and expressed hopes that this could lead to boosting peace efforts in the region.

The American president indirectly criticized Israel’s siege on the Gaza Strip, and said that this siege “prevents developing the economy.”

“I believe that it is important to get out of the current crisis, and use this tragedy as a chance to push the peace process forwards”, he said.

Obama called for an objective investigation into the attack, and added that he expects Israel to accept this investigation.

Israeli sources reported that the Obama administration suggested that Israel investigates the attack by forming a special committee that includes an American observer in order to prevent international intervention, and gain the trust of the international community.

On Wednesday, U.S Vice President, Joe Biden, stated that “Israel has the right to intercept and search any ship heading to the Gaza Strip.”

He added that Israel has the right to say it does not know what the ships carry to the Gaza Strip “the region where missiles are fired into Israel.”

Biden held the peace activists of the Freedom Flotilla responsible for the Israeli deadly attack, and blamed them for what he called “not adhering to the Israeli demands.”

The U.S Vice President added that the Israel attack will not affect the Israeli-American relations, and stated that “in US history, there was no administration more supportive of Israel than the Obama Administration.”