The Hamas movement invited Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, of the rival Fateh party, to visit the Gaza Strip as the first step to break the Israeli siege, and end internal divisions between the two movements. Mousa Abu Marzouq, deputy head of the Hamas political bureau, invited Abbas to visit Gaza, and said “come to Gaza and start a Legislative Council session with unity.”

He added that this will not only be the first step in ending the siege, but also a step to end internal divisions.

The statements of Abu Marzouq came in Damascus during an event challenging the Israeli siege on Gaza.

“Do you have the courage, Abu Mazin?”, Marzouq said, “Go to Gaza and end divisions”.

Addressing Abbas in his speech, Abu Marzouq stated that “friends and enemies came Gaza, near and far, the road to reconciliation is shorter than you think”.

On Wednesday, Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, called for unity and for ending internal divisions.

He added that the leadership in the West Bank decided to send a delegation to the Gaza Strip.

But Salah Bardaweel of Hamas stated that such visits aim at stalling unity talks, and do not have the real will to achieve reconciliation.