Israeli Army Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi appointed Major General Giora Eiland to lead the investigation into the Freedom Flotilla raid and to “draw lessons” from the botched operation.
The decision appears to concede to Us President Barak Obama’s request that the investigation committee include an American observer, who would help legitamize the investigation for the international community.

The investigation committee includes senior experts in international law, and military officials, including intelligence and senior reserve military officers. The Committee will include two international experts; one or both will be American.

Eiland previously held the position of the head of the Planning Department at the Israeli army, and also headed that “National Security Council”. He is supposed to submit his final report on July 4.

Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, said that he is still waiting the U.S. and other countries’ responses regarding the agenda of the committee.

The Committee will likely examine the “legality” of the siege imposed on Gaza, and the “legality” of the deadly attack on the Turkish ship.

Nine activists were killed in the attack and dozens were wounded after the Israeli army violently boarded the ships and opened fire at the activists.