Following his meeting with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, US President Barack Obama announced that his administration had decided to give 400 million dollars to the Gaza Strip in order to build schools and provide housing. He said that his administration believes in improving the living conditions of the Palestinian people, and added that the current situation in Gaza cannot continue as more positive stances are needed towards Gaza.

Obama also called on Israel to limit its settlement activities in the occupied territories, and called on the Palestinians to prevent any acts that could incite confrontation.

The U.S President said that his administration wants to make sure that the needs of Gaza Strip residents are met, and stressed on the importance of improving the living conditions of the Palestinians.

He added that “the best solution in the long run is to establish an independent Palestinian state and ensure Israel’s security”.

Meanwhile, the Palestinian President said that this decision is a positive step in the right direction, and added that the current proximity talks with Israel, mediated by the United States, still need more time before moving towards direct talks.

The two leaders also held talks on the Israeli attack against the Freedom Flotilla, the siege on Gaza, settlements, the peace process and proximity talks.