The Israeli army killed one man on Wednesday morning after spotting a group of people, some of them armed, apparently attempting to infiltrate through the border from Egypt, some 40 kilometers away from Eilat.The army added that soldiers spotted eleven individuals, and opened fire at them after they failed to stop.

Initial sources revealed that at least one person was killed and that his body was located on the Egyptian side of the border.

The sources added that several persons managed to escape, and at least one of them threw his weapon and ran away. The Israeli army started examining sacks that were found at the scene.

The army is also investigating whether the attempted infiltration is drug related or an attempt to attack Israel.

Israeli Ynet News reported that the area is question is frequently used by smugglers to smuggle goods, drugs and in some cases women into Israel.

Israel claims that several groups have carried out numerous attempts to infiltrate through the Israel-Egypt border and that the army foiled dozens of attempts in 2009.