The Israeli army issued strict orders to the soldiers to stay away from Arab towns in the country and not to interact with Arab citizens. Israeli online daily, Maariv, reported that during recent training and military drills simulating a comprehensive war in the region, Israeli soldiers received instructions to stay away from all Arab towns and cities in the north of the country.

The soldiers were even told to stay away from the entrances of Arab areas, and to avoid direct contact with the Arab population.

An army officer told a Maariv reporter that the army is trying to avoid any tension and any acts of violence, especially after the attack against the Freedom Flotilla.

Army commanders were instructed to evaluate the situation in the country and to determine possible strategies.

Another army officer said that the instructions include the ordinary daily lives of the soldiers, and added that, “there is no reason for an Israeli soldier to enter an Arab town in Israel, as such an act would cause tension in the north and could cause unnecessary reactions”.

The Israel army usually uses Arab areas and orchards to conduct its military drills, an issue that causes destruction of the land, and even property in some causes. There have also been reports of casualties, especially among children, after coming into contact with explosives dropped by the soldiers during their training.