In Bethlehem, Palestinians protested Israel’s construction of the wall by marching after the Friday prayer from the mosque to their lands.Dozens of residents from the village of al-Ma’asara protested the confiscation of their land and the construction of the wall on it on Friday afternoon.

Israeli forces did not intercept the protestors who managed to reach their land.

The marchers carried signs demanding the release of Hasan Breijiyeh who was detained during last week’s protest. The Israeli military has accused him of trying to burn a soldier. Eyewitnesses said that he was trying to put out a fire that caught his shoes, when he accidentally hit an Israeli soldier.

Meanwhile, in the nearby village of Wad Rahal, Israeli troops intercepted the protesters and did not allow them to reach their lands. The military commander warned the protesters that they will arrest everyone if they do not leave in 5 minutes; an order that was ignored by all protestors.

Boy Scout groups took part in the demonstration during which, marchers demanded lifting the siege on Gaza. The protest ended peacefully.