The Lebanese paper, al-Mustaqbal, stated that France has information from different sources, mainly from Washington, revealing that Israel intends to wage a war against Lebanon to strike the Hezbollah party.The sources added that Israel knows this war will not bring an end to Hezbollah, but will be strategically motivated to “protect Israel and its role in the region.”

The paper said that Israeli delegates, retired along with active military officials and experts, met in Washington with a number of American war experts and presented Israel’s stance on the issue.

The main points presented in the talks were Iran and its so-called nuclear threat, Hezbollah as the “ticking time bomb of Iran” with its rising political clout and military capabilities, and the possibility of a comprehensive war in the region.

The experts told their American counterparts that preparations are nearly complete, and that the decision to go to war has already been approved, but will not be implemented at the current stage due to the Congressional elections in the United States this coming November.

The experts also admitted that Hezbollah has not obtained Skud missiles yet, and that Israel will not hesitate in striking weapon storage facilities in Lebanon or in Syria should these missiles, and other weapons, reach Damascus.

They also stated that Israel is convinced that Syria and Iran will not directly intervene in any future war against Hezbollah in Lebanon regardless of the intensity of the conflict.