A spokesperson of the Iranian Red Crescent announced Tuesday that the Iranian aid ship heading to Gaza will be sailing this coming Sunday. The statement came shortly after some sources stated Monday that the ship’s sailing date was delayed.Abdul-Rauf Adibzadeh stated during a press conference on Tuesday that the ship, dubbed the Children of Gaza, will be sailing Sunday carrying 1,100 tons of humanitarian aid to Gaza, including 500 tons of medical supplies and food.

The ship is privately owned and will only carry five crew members and five Iranian Red Crescent workers.

It will be sailing from Abbas Bandar Port and will be heading to the Arab Gulf before it reaches the Red Sea and the Suez Canal on its way to the Gaza Port.

Adibzadeh stated that it took a lot of work to prepare the ship, and added that this ship is a message from Iranian children to the children of Gaza.

He also said that the aid supplies were collected by the Red Crescent and the residents, and that the Iranian government have not role in this issue.

Despite a recent relaxation by the Israeli government on some of the items which were previously banned, medical supplies and equipment are still not allowed to enter Gaza.