Israeli interrogators tortured a Palestinian child who was detained and sent to a detention center close to a settlement near Hebron. The child said that the interrogators used electricity in torturing him by attaching wires to his testicles.Human Rights Commissioner in the Palestinian Territories, based in Gaza, Kiert Jorneg, stated that Israeli interrogators used wires and a battery when torturing the child by wiring his testis.

He added that the child, 15, was kidnapped by the army in the southern West Bank city of Hebron a month ago after the soldiers claimed he hurled stones at their vehicle.

The child was kicked and beaten by the soldiers all the way until they moved him to a detention center where the interrogation and torture continued as the interrogators were trying to force him to confess that he hurled stones at the military vehicles.

He denied the interrogators’ claims and said that he was kidnapped from the street without even knowing why was he being detained.

After beating the child, torturing him and failing to achieve a “confession”, the interrogators used electricity as a means of torture. Yet, he refused to confess to something he did not commit.

The interrogators brought a battery, likely a car battery, and attached wires to his testis.

One of the interrogators even told him that after they are done with him “he will never be able to become a father”.

The interrogator then attached wires to the testis of the child who was bound to a chair, and used electricity an issue that forced the child to tell the interrogator that he “will confess to anything he wants”.