Hamas political leader, Mahmoud Zahhar, stated that there are at least eight solidarity ships that would be heading to the Gaza Strip in the coming two months.
Zahhar added that some of the ships would be sailing from the Arabic Gulf.

In an interview with the Independent British paper on Monday, The Hamas leader said that he was informed by some individuals in the Gulf that after the World Cup games end, at least eight ships would be sailing to Gaza.

When asked about the possibility that Iranian ships could accompany the new flotilla, Zahhar said “Why not?”, and that Iran have the right to send medicine and humanitarian aid to Gaza.

He also stated that he expects dozens of ships to sail to Gaza during the Holy Muslim month of Ramadan expected to start August 1st.

Zahhar also accused Israel of being responsible for foiling a prison-swap deal, and added that he does not believe Israel has any intentions to achieve such a deal, and that the al-Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas, will not allow the Red Cross or any other organization to visit the captured soldier, Gilad Shalit, as such a visit would lead to exposing his whereabouts.

“I asked the related parties, and they said such a visit is impossible”, he said and added that he doubts the intentions of groups demanding to visit Shalit.

When asked about the demands of the Quartet, Zahhar said that he demands Israel to renounce violence and added that Israel never defined its borders and is ongoing with the construction and expansion of Jewish settlements in the occupied territories.

“We are asked to renounce violence, I demand Israel to renounce violence, to end the occupation in Palestine and in Jerusalem”, he stated, “the United States must renounce violence it practices in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, then we might be able to talks about renouncing violence”.