The Egyptian Authorities denied Jordanian professional union members from crossing the Rafah Border Terminal into Gaza. Members of the union stayed four days at the terminal but were eventually forced back. The members then decided to return to Amman after all efforts to convince the Egyptian Authorities to allow them through had failed.

Ahmad al-Armouty, head of Professional Associations Complex in Jordan, told France Press that talks were held with the Egyptian leadership through the Jordanian Embassy in Cairo, but Egypt insisted on not allowing them into Gaza without providing any justification.

Al-Armouty added that other delegations from different Arab and International countries were allowed through.

The Islamic Labor Front, the political wing of the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan, called on Egypt to allow the delegates through, but a senior Egyptian security official told the France Press that delegations and aid convoys will not be allowed into Gaza without a prior arrangement with Egypt.

He added that the Jordanian union members arrived at the border terminal without any prior notice or coordination with Egypt, and that the Lebanese delegates were allowed into Gaza because they received prior authorisation.