On Wednesday, bulldozers belonging to the Israeli Ministry of Interior, supported by dozens of armored military vehicles and police cars, demolished the home of No’man Abu Salem from Ara village at dawn in the Northern Triangle area.The police claimed that the home did not receive an official construction permit, and that it was constructed outside of the municipal district of the town.

Hundreds of residents arrived at the scene in an attempt to stop the attack and were violently assaulted by the police. The police also fired tear gas and attacked the residents with batons.

The Arabs48 news Website reported that several residents were wounded, while three were kidnapped under the claim that they hurled stones at the police.

A number of youths burned tires and closed the main Wadi Ara road.

The Popular Committee in Wadi Ara held a meeting, and declared a general strike in Ara and Arara towns to protest the demolishing of the home.

Hundreds of policemen were deployed in the area, an issue that could lead to further clashes.