The Israeli Army and National Security released on Wednesday photographs and maps reportedly illustrating the military activities and training sites for the Lebanon-based Hezbollah party. Israel warned that it would strike the training sites in order to weaken the resistance group, and limit its ability to strike Israel.

The released maps and pictures were previously classified; they include aerial photographs that reportedly highlight the network of weapons’ warehouses and command centers of the party, the Al Arabiyya network reported.

During a press briefing, Israeli Col. Ronen Marley showed 3D pictures and buildings that are marked by Israel as weapons depots; some of the buildings, according to Israel, are located near schools and hospitals.

Marley said that the party is gaining increased strength in villages in southern Lebanon, and that Hezbollah fighters are collecting significant intelligence information about the Israeli army along the Israel-Lebanon border.

He also said that the party is acting in a way that indicates it is preparing itself for another round of confrontation with Israel.

Furthermore, Israeli Army spokesperson, Avital Leibovich, claimed that the presence of Hezbollah fighters in Lebanese villages is transforming the villages into human shields.

He said that Hezbollah has military activities in some 100 densely populated villages in Lebanon, and that the villages became military training camps for Hezbollah fighters.

Israel said that Hezbollah owns more than 40,000 short and medium range rockets, and that most of the rockets are stored in Lebanese villages and towns south of the Litani River.

Israel also believes that missiles owned by Hezbollah can hit populated areas in Tel Aviv and around it, and that there are nearly 20,000 fighters operating the weapons; one-third of the fighters received training in Iran.