Six structures were destroyed by Israeli authorities Tuesday, the first since the settlement construction ‘freeze’ put in place last year.The rubble where homes, and other structures, used to be, represents the first homes to be demolished since the settlement construction freeze initiated by Israel at the end of last year at the request of the US.

Just last week Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was calling for direct talks with the Palestinians and a serious resumption of peace talks.

US President Barack Obama also last week called for a restart of peace talks to begin before the end of the freeze which expires at the end of September.

In response to the recent demolitions US State Department PJ Crowley has stated, ‘We continue to oppose and we will make clear to the government of Israel that we oppose unilateral actions that prejudge negotiations.’

East Jerusalem is desired by Palestinians as a future capital in a two-state solution. This is declared in numerous UN resolutions and is common knowledge.