Two Palestinian reporters were mildly wounded after being attacked by Israeli soldiers during the nonviolent weekly protest held near Beit Ummar, in the southern West Bank district of Hebron. One of the wounded reporters works for France Press; he was moved to a local hospital in Hebron after a soldier struck him with him baton on the face and legs.

His colleague was also hospitalized after a concussion grenade, hurled by the army, detonated near his ear causing temporary loss of hearing.

An Israeli military spokesperson refused to comment to France Press on attack against the reporters, and only stated that some 50 protestors entered a closed military zone and hurled stones at the army.

The spokesperson added that the army had to force what he called the “trouble makers” to disperse. He said that “persons who elect to enter a conflict zone, enter at their own risk”.

The residents were holding their weekly nonviolent protest against the Annexation Wall in Beit Ummar; the protest part of ongoing nonviolent weekly protests against the Wall in the occupied West Bank.