Palestinian Prime Minister, Ismail Haniyya, invited the Libyan President, Moammar Qaddafi, to visit the Gaza Strip in order to participate in breaking the siege on Gaza, and to observe the humanitarian crisis. His statements came as he met with the Libyan delegates of the Hope ship at the Ministerial headquarters in Gaza city on Sunday.

He thanked Libya for its support to the Palestinian people and for sending aid ships to Gaza.

Haniyya said that Gaza is still under siege and that all attempts to claim that the siege was lifted or eased are only meant to serve Israel’s interests, and added that the siege must be fully lifted and that the Palestinian people in Gaza managed to remain steadfast despite all challenges and difficulties.

He called for sending more solidarity ships to Gaza in order to break the siege and expose Israel’s claims of easing it.

Israel prevented the Libyan aid flotilla from reaching Gaza an issue that forced it to reroute to Egypt to unload the aid supplies and send them to Gaza by land.