The Israeli cabinet has approved a provision that would require all Israeli citizenship seekers to swear allegiance to a ‘Jewish democratic state’.On his part, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu praised the passing of the law as it will maintain Israel’s ‘Jewish and democratic character.’

The law has faced condemnation from Human rights groups as it would make the already arduous process of getting Israeli citizenship more difficult for Palestinians.

Al Jazeera new channel reported that the law was created to make more obstacles for Palestinians who want to marry Israeli Arabs to get Israeli citizenship.

The law is the continuation of the Citizenship and Entry into Israel Law, which passed in 2003, that created a situation in which it is nearly impossible for Palestinians to become Israeli citizens.

The law makes Israeli residency for Palestinians married to Israelis illegal.

The Israeli Association for Civil Rights slammed the loyalty oath, calling it ‘racist’ and ‘dangerous.’ Adalah, an Israeli NGO said that the new law will be an impediment for families trying to reunify and pressure non-Jews to support Zionism.