Disturbances continued into Monday night with settlers blocking intersections and invading a Palestinian villageSettlers continued a streak of ‘price tag’ reprisals for the demolition of a settler house built in contravention of the construction freeze placed on illegal settlements at the end of last year.

Following the violence earlier on Monday in which four settlers and two Palestinians were injured, the settlers engaged in more widespread disruption.

Monday night settlers blocked 11 intersections throughout the West Bank and were organized by the Samaria and Benjamin regional councils.

At one of the intersections an Israeli soldier fired a concussion grenade in an attempt to break up the protest, at another in Nachliel young settler men threw rocks at a Palestinian driver and his truck forcing him to leave. He returned to get his truck with the protection of Israeli soldiers.

‘As we near the end of the building freeze, the public feels that it is necessary to stick to our guns and make it clear that if the freeze is extended, there will be no peace in Judea and Samaria,’ stated Benny Katzover, a settler leader.

In the Palestinian village of Nabi Saleh, near Ramallah, there are reports that settlers entered the village in the night and engaged in acts of vandalism and violence before retreating. No one was injured.