1300 police officers and security personnel guarded the area as bulldozers demolished a Bedouin village near Rahat.Israeli security personnel and from the Israel Land Administration arrived at the Bedouin village of al-Arakib, near Rahat, Tuesday morning. The village is unrecognized by the state of Israel.

When the Israelis arrived they found large bonfires had been lit by the locals in protest.

They destroyed a total of forty-five structures. The residents watched as their lives were destroyed and some left-wing activists clashed with the authorities.

Dr. Awad Abu Farikh, a spokesman and resident of the village, was quoted as saying that, ‘Today we got a close glimpse of the government’s true face. We were stunned to witness the violent force being used. The black-clad special unit forces are the true face of Lieberman’s democracy. This operation is the first step in the uprooting of many villages. We shall return to our villages, build our homes and not leave this place.’

A spokesman for the Israel Land Administration said that anything that is rebuilt will be taken down.