A report by the al-Mezan Center for Human Rights shows that Palestinian students are routinely denied the right to education due to the Israeli occupation.According to the report, a blanket ban has been imposed on Palestinian students from the Gaza Strip, preventing them enrolling at Palestinian universities in the West Bank to continue their education.

The Center says that this ban is not based on security needs, but is based on discrimination against a specific category of persons in this case, students.

As some major fields of study are not available in Gazan universities, thousands of Gazan students, particularly those who seek to obtain post-graduate degrees in medicine, dentistry, veterinary studies, radiology, medical engineering, environment protection, law and democracy, and human rights used to travel to the West Bank to study there.

However the problem is expected to become bigger as, the Israeli government has recently approved a law to deport anyone who is not permitted by the state of Israel to live in the West Bank. This law, puts tens of thousands of Palestinians in the West Bank at risk of deportation, especially hundreds of students, originally from Gaza.