The Hamas movement issued an apology to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) after members of the Hamas police, running under the Ministry of Interior in Gaza, attacked senior members of the group. A leader of the PFLP in Gaza told the al-Hayat newspaper that Hamas issued the apology several days ago, and that the attack itself took place on August 10th.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, the PFLP official said that Hamas leaders, Ismail Radwan, Jamal Abu Hashem, Ayman Taha and Ismail al-Ashqar admitted that the Hamas police committed three mistakes against members and leaders of the PFLP.

They said that the mistakes were; preventing a protest organized by the PFLP, attacking the protestors without justification, and excessive violence practiced by the police.

The PFLP official said that the front accepted the apology, and that a number of its officials attended the meeting with the Hamas leaders.

The incident took place during a protest against the ongoing crisis in power supply in the Gaza Strip. Hamas policemen and security personnel violently attacked and clubbed members and leaders of the PFLP and prevented them from holding their protest.