Speaking following trilateral talks between the US, Israel and the PLO delegation, Tuesday morning, US Special Envoy George Mitchell has reaffirmed the US government’s desire for Israel to continue their settlement freeze.Earlier today, Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, stated that he would not continue the moratorium, but was willing to only build in the main settlements rather than create new outposts.

Palestinian Authority President, Mahmoud Abbas has stated numerous times since the re-start of peace talks, two weeks ago, that if the settlement freeze, that is due to end on September 26th, is not extended then the Palestinian delegation will end their attendance at talks.

Mitchell stated that today’s talks included discussions on core issues, but that details would remain confidential.

Israeli pro-peace group Peace Now reported, last month, that there had been 492 incidents of Israeli violations of the moratorium, and that 2,066 new homes were planned to have their construction begun once the freeze ends.