The Security Forces of Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, arrested Hamas legislator from Tulkarem, Eng. Abdul-Rahman Zeidan, after breaking into his home on Tuesday at dawn. He was released an hour later.Dr. Mahmoud Ramahi, secretary-general of the Hamas dominated Palestinian Legislative Council, stated that dozens of security personnel surrounded the home of Zeidan before breaking into it by smashing its main door.

The security forces then searched the property causing damage to the furniture and belongings and confiscated his laptop and his mobile phone.

Ramahi denounced the attack and stated that this is a violation to the legitimate rights to a democratically elected legislator.

The detained legislator was release an hour after he was arrested as he was let go at one of the streets of Tulkarem. He then phoned his relatives who took him back home.

He said that his laptop and mobile phone were confiscated by the security forces.
Zeidan described the attack as a serious violation to the Palestinian law itself and held the Authority of Mahmoud Abbas responsible for any escalation that could take place in the Palestinian territories.

If this is what they do with elected legislators and officials, what are they doing to ordinary civilians”, Zeidan stated, “All factions must stand against these violations and must demand stopping them”.