Palestinian medical sources in occupied East Jerusalem reported that a 1–year-old infant died in Al Esawiyya town in occupied East Jerusalem after inhaling gas fired by the army at dozens of youths who hurled stones at them after invading the town. Several armored Israeli military jeeps invaded Al Esawiyya and clashed with local youths who hurled stones at them; the soldiers fired gas bombs, rubber-coated metal bullets and rounds of live ammunition.

The volume of gas fired by the soldiers was so great that it entered nearby residents houses causing the infant to suffocated before he was moved to a local hospital where he died later on.

The infant was identified as Mohammad Abu Sneina; he initially suffered breathing difficulties as a result of inhaling gas fired by the army, but all efforts to save his life failed.

After news about the infant’s death reached the residents in Al Esawiyya, dozens took off to the streets and clashed with the army. Once again, soldiers fired rounds of live ammunition, gas bombs and rubber-coated metal bullets.

Clashes broke out in occupied East Jerusalem after an Israeli security guard shot and killed a Palestinian youth on Wednesday morning. The shooter was briefly detained by the Israeli police and was released on Wednesday evening.

Fifteen Palestinians were wounded on Thursday during clashes that took place in Ras Al Amoud, Al Esawiyya and several other Palestinian areas in occupied East Jerusalem. Dozens of residents were wounded in the clashes.

At least sixteen Palestinians were kidnapped by the army following the clashes and were moved to unknown destinations.