Israeli settlers attacked on Tuesday morning some areas in the village of Qaryut south of Nablus and broke into some houses, local sources reported.Residents of the nearby Sara village told media that they have seen settlers riding horses carrying blades and clubs heading to Qaryut. The residents said, that the settlers threatened to kill them all.

Abu Bashar, resident of Sara village, said that settlers broke into two houses, however, some youth from the village clashed with them and forced them to leave. Najla’a Abdelfattah told media that three settlers broke into her house and threatened her.

Also near the northern city of Nablus, another group of settlers trespassed into the olive orchards in the village of Awarta, near and stole olives. The villagers told media the settlers came form the nearby settlement of Yitzahar, adding that this is not the first time they invade the fields and steal the olives.

In the meantime, thousands of settlers rallied near Damascus gate of the old city of Jerusalem. The Palestine News Agency, WAFA reported that settlers chanted anti-Palestinian slogans calling for expelling all the Palestinians from Palestine.

Eyewitnesses reported that Israeli police closed the road that leads to Silwan that is very close to the old city. They added that shop owners closed their shops to avoid an expected settler attack, which is according to eyewitnesses, a typical action by the settlers.

Following Israel’s end of the ten-month long settlement freeze, two days ago, there has been a dramatic raise in settler activities in the West Bank.