The Artery of Life 5 solidarity ship arrived on Saturday night shortly after midnight at a Syrian port carrying dozens of activists and humanitarian supplies. All solidarity ships heading to Gaza will gather at the Lathiqiyya Syrian port before sailing to Al Arish port in Egypt. The flotilla was welcomed by thousands of residents, and its spokesperson, Zaher Beerawy, thanked Syria and its people for supporting the flotilla in challenging the illegal Israeli on Gaza.

He also urged Egypt to facilitate the passage of the flotilla through its territories to the Gaza Strip, and denied claims that stated that the Turkish humanitarian and relief organization (IHH) is participating in the flotilla.

He said that all supplies, aid-filled trucks and the activists will sail to Egypt in the coming days and will drive to the Gaza Strip under direct Egyptian supervision.

There are 400 peace activists, including union leaders and representatives of charity and human rights organizations from different countries participating in the Artery of Life 5.