Palestinian medical sources in the southern West Bank city of Hebron reported, Friday morning, that two Palestinians were killed and ten others were wounded after the army invaded the city, surrounded a house of a resistance fighter and fired mortars at it. Shortly after midnight, at least 40 military vehicles and armored bulldozers invaded Jawhar Mountain in Hebron while several army choppers fired flares. Troops then surrounded a three-story home and started demolishing it.

Local sources reported that the surrounded building is owned by Radwan Rajabi, Saadi Borqan and Ayyoub Gheith.

According to the military, resistance fighters barricaded themselves in the building and refused to surrender. Soldiers also surrounded nearby houses and used loud speakers to order the residents out.

Later on, soldiers opened automatic fire at the buildings, fired several mortars. and also demolished walls surrounding three other homes.

Media sources in Hebron reported that the army believe gunmen who killed four settlers in August were the main target of the invasion.

In addition, soldiers kidnapped at least 10 Palestinians that they believed were involved in attacks against Israeli soldiers and settlers, a military spokesperson said.

Eyewitnesses said that one body was seen on the ground and that the army confiscated cameras and tapes from reporters who arrived at the scene.

Although current reports indicate that two Palestinians were killed in the attack, only one death was confirmed, as the army is still surrounding the area and keeping the media away.