On Wednesday, the Israeli army made plans to deploy a large force of border guards and undercover units, in Silwan, occupied East Jerusalem, during the next few days.According to Palestine News Agency – WAFA, the Israeli military decided to maintain a reinforced police deployment in Silwan in response to young Palestinians who have clashed with troops in recent days, hurling stones at them.

Silwan has come under frequent attack in the weeks following the killing of 32 year old Samer Sarhan, a father of five, in the early hours of September 22nd, and the subsequent protests by the Palestinian residents of Silwan.

Sarhan was killed by a private security guard, hired to protect Israeli settlers, illegally occupying the neighbourhood, who claimed that his actions were in self defence, despite counter claims by eye witnesses.

Furthermore, Israeli troops arrested, on Tuesday at night, four boys from Silwan neighbourhood, near Jerusalem.