Ahmad Assaf, the spokesman of Fateh movement, stated on Thursday that Netanyahu’s conditions are on one hand a clear evidence for the political fail of the Israeli government which always opposes peace. On the other hand they express the stability of the Palestinian position expressed by the president Mahmud Abbas which led to an unprecedented international council to condemn all forms of settlement and occupation.Assaf expressed that the Israeli confusion against the human being and land, the citizenship law, condemned by many inside and outside Israel as fascist & racist, and Netanyahu’s condition to recognize Israel as a “Jewish state”, will not lead the Palestinians to despair and they will not acquiesce as Israel knows well the Palestinians determination and spirit that will not be shaken by any Israeli force or threat.

He also confirmed the position of Fatah movement based on the Palestinian constants which aim to establish an independent Palestinian state, with its capital as East Jerusalem, on the borders of the fourth of June1964 and to find a solution for the issue of Palestinian refugees in accordance with the guarantees passed in U.N. resolutions.