The Israeli military abducted, on Monday morning, four Palestinian citizens from different areas in Hebron, surrounded a mosque and errected many barriers in the region.Security sources reported to Palestine News Agency ‘WAFA’ that the Israeli army abducted, Issa Ghnemat, the leader of the Palestinian security service; Hatem Kfesha, the deputy speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council; and other two citizens from Hebron.

The citizens were identified as Naem Masalma and Shadi al-Sherif, 20 years old.

The sources stated that Israeli soldiers kidnapped the three citizens after invading and searching their houses in Hebron, in the south of the West Bank and lead them to unknown destination.

On the other hand, Israeli troops surrounded Doura mosque after the Fajir prayer, in the town of Doura, south of Hebron and detained the prayers inside the mosque.

Israeli soldiers surrounded that house of the detained Mohamad Nasir Alah, from the town of al-Dahiriya, south of Hebron, searched the houses and its surrounding.

Furthermore, the Israeli army errected a blockade at the entrance of Hebron and at the entrances of the nearby villages.