According to Palestinian News Network, the Palestinian Authority is ready to start the construction of a new international airport, east of Jerusalem.On Thursday, the Palestinian Authority said that the project will cost an estimated $340 million and will be built on a 4-square-kilometer plot in what is known as Area C, which is fully under Israeli control.

However, the Palestinian Minister of Transportation, Sadi al-Kurun Kurunz, told reporters in Ramallah that the Palestinian Authority “did not and will not ask permission from Israel,” due to the fact that the P.A. believes that under the 1993 Oslo Accords, Palestine has the right to have an airport.

Kurun also said that the construction will start in the first half of next year and will take approximately two years to finish. The new airport will be built according to international standards and will be able to accommodate cargo and passenger flights.

“An airport means sovereignty, freedom, progress and economic development,” the Minister added.