Participants of the Artery of Life (Viva Palestina 5) solidarity convoy managed to enter the Gaza Strip on Thursday afternoon via the Rafah Border Terminal between the Gaza Strip and Egypt. The humanitarian and medical supplies aboard trucks and vans carried by the convoy will be sent to Gaza via the Rafah Terminal and the Al Oja Terminal most likely on this Saturday or Sunday.

Thousands of residents chanted slogans and welcomed activists who accompanied the supplies for slamming Israel’s illegal siege on Gaza.

One of the activists said, “After a long five week trip, we managed to enter Gaza,’ and added, “Gaza deserves support and all sorts of respect and solidarity.” He said that he would be willing to return to Gaza with another flotilla.

“Next time we will return in thousands, not in hundreds,” he added. “We are willing to sacrifice for Palestine.”

In order to facilitate the entry of the activists and the supplies, Qatar aligned with Egypt.

The Artery of Life was supposed to sail from Syria to Egypt last Monday, but several complications and obstacles had occurred during talks with the Egyptian authorities.

Qatar paid the expenses of some flights while Syria also intervened to ensure all activists and supplies make it into the besieged Gaza Strip.

The convoy carries 140 vehicles and trucks filled with humanitarian and medical supplies.