Israeli soldiers abucted, on Thursday morning, two Palestinians from the town of Beit Umar, north of Hebron, and erected a blockade at the entrance north of the city.
Security sources reported to the Palestine news agency WAFA, that the Israeli army abducted Mohamad Abu Maria, 21 years old, and Mohamad ‘Abed al-Hameed,15, from the town of Beit Umar, after soldiers invaded the house and searched its contents.

The sources added that the arrest was accompanied by throwing stun grenades at the Palestinian houses.

Furthermore, the Israeli military invaded the house of ‘Eiz el-Den al-‘Awawda and Abu Saker al-‘Awawda in the town of Doura, south of Hebron, searched the house and its surroundings.

The Israeli troops invaded the street of ‘Ein Sara, in the center of Hebron, and also invaded the town of al-Samou’, erected a military blockade under the bridge of Beit Kahel, in Hebron, conducted inspections of Palestinian’s vehicles and checked the identities of its passengers.