Wasfy Qabha, an elected minister affiliated with the Hamas movement, stated Thursday that Israeli soldiers and a senior security commander broke into his home and informed him that, starting next month, he will not be allowed into his village, Barta’a Al Sharqiyya, near the northern West Bank city of Jenin.He added that the security commander informed him that he is a “Persona non grata”, and that, starting on the beginning of next month, he will not be allowed into his village.

Qabha said that this order is illegal as it prevents him from entering own village, his home and from being among his brothers and his aged father.

He further stated that he will resort to the courts in order to void this decision which he described as “serious precedent”.

The security commander who accompanied the army in invading Qabha’s home voiced threats against Hamas and its political leaders, and also “discussed” latest political developments and the general situations, Qabha said.

Barta’a village is located behind the annexation wall and is also separated from Jenin by a military roadblock.

It is worth mentioning that Qabha spent more than nine years in Israeli detention centres.