An Egyptian paper reported that it managed to obtain documents from the Egyptian ministry of Trade and Finance revealing that a number of Egyptian businessmen imported Egyptian flags that were made in Israel. The al-Masry al-Youm (The Egyptian Today) reported that large number of flags were imported from Israel, and that they likely got into Egypt through Taba, Rafah and al-Oja Border Terminals.

Meanwhile, the Egyptian Customs Authority stated that there is no official ban on imports from Israel.

Egyptian Trade and Industry Minister, Rashed Mohammad Rashed, said that the issue in question in only based on rumors.

The Minister’s advisor, al-Sayyid Abu al-Qomsan, said that the Egyptian Customs Authority did not receive any recent shipment of Egyptian flags.

The issues was brought to the Egyptian Parliament in July this year by MP Abbas Abdul-Aziz who said that he is 100% sure of his statement, and that he is in possession of documents that support his claim.