Hamas security forces have released 30 persons, two hours after arresting them at an event in Gaza commemorating the the late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, the Ma’an News reported on Friday. The al-Mezan Center for Human Rights confirmed that security forces had detained Fatah supporters at an event at the home of Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) member Ashraf Juma’a in Rafah.

Four Reuters journalists, summoned for questioning by security forces, were also released after being questioned for an hour.

According to Israel’s Foreign Press Association, the journalists had been ordered to hand over all footage and photos of the event.

‘The police cut the power supply, and tried to confiscate the equipment, but we were able to stop them’, Ashraf Juma’a of Fatah stated, ‘This act does not come from people who want reconciliation’.

The police raid at the Rafah event comes amidst reports that Hamas had refused to allow Fatah to rally in Gaza to honor to the late president.