According to Ma’an News, a proposal from the United States for a 90-day temporary freeze on construction in Israeli West Bank settlements might not be enough to entice the Palestinians into renewing Middle East peace talks. Arab League official, Hesham Youseff said on Monday that, ‘If the news is true about there being a settlement freeze that excludes Jerusalem and that takes the criticism off Israel, I cannot imagine that would be acceptable to the Palestinian side or the Arab countries. But he went on to say that the Arab League is waiting to see what Israel and the United States are going to offer the Palestinians before making any decisions.

The Arab League is also considering alternative proposals to direct Palestinian-Israeli talks, one of which may include seeking United Nations recognition of a Palestinian state.

Under the U.S. proposal, which emerged after a marathon meeting in New York last Thursday between Israeli Premier Benjamin Netanyahu and U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, Israel will freeze construction at its West Bank settlements for 90 days, in return for which the U.S. would give Israel support at the United Nations, as well as a supply of 20 advanced fighter aircraft.