On Wednesday, Israeli police arrested two students from the Yitzhar religious academy, south of Nablus, after finding knives, gloves, masks and other materials in their car, PNN reported.This is not the first time in which an attack against Palestinians is perpetrated by Israeli settlers near Nablus.

On Sunday, a settler from Yitzhar, 28 years old, was sentenced by an Israeli court for kidnapping a Palestinian boy aged 15. The court document says that the settler, Zvi Struk, along with another settler, attacked the boy, and left him naked in a field, having blindfolded and tied him to Struk’s tractor. Struk’s accomplice has not been arrested.

The Yitzhar religious academy, which is located in an illegal settlement south of Nablus, is one of the most radical within the Israeli Ultraorthodox movement and advocates violence by Jews to anyone who endangers their existence.

In 2009, the head of the school Rabbi Yitzhak Shapira claimed that Jews have the right to kill non-Jews in his book, ‘The King’s Torah’.

Shapira wrote at that time: ‘If we kill a gentile who has sinned or has violated one of the seven commandments… there is nothing wrong with the murder.’