Palestinian sources reported on Wednesday evening that two brothers, members of the Army of Islam, were killed were the Israeli Air Force targeted their vehicle in al-Wihda Street, in the center of Gaza City. Eyewitnesses reported that the Air Force fired at least one missile at a white Subaru vehicles driving in al-Wihda Street killing Mohammad Yassin and seriously wounding his brother Islam, who died of his wounds minutes later as the vehicle caught on fire.

The Army of Islam is one of the Islamist Salafist groups operating in Gaza, and is considered a rival of the ruling Hamas movement.

An Israeli military spokesperson claimed responsibility for the assassination and stated that the attack was carried out after close collaboration between the army and the Israeli Security Agency, Shabak.

Earlier this month, Mohammad al-Namnam, a senior member of the Army of Islam was also assassinated by the Israeli army.

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Israeli Air Strike Hits Gaza City, One Palestinian Killed
Circarre Parrhesia, Wed, 17 Nov 2010 18:22:57

The Maan News Agency are reporting that an air based strike has hit Gaza City, on Wednesday, killing one.

Ma’an are reporting that the airstrike, launched from an unmanned drone, targeted a car, killing the driver and leaving a crater in the road. Conflicting reports state that either one or two other persons were injured.

It is reported that Ash-Shifa hospital medical personnel have identified the driver as Islam Yassin.

The attack occurred on Al Wihda St., home to the Public Library of Gaza, in Gaza City. Located in the North of the strip, Gaza City is home to 410,000 inhabitants; almost one third of the population of the coastal enclave

This attack follows a similar air strike on November 3rd, resulting in the death of Mohammad Jamal al-Namnam, 27 years old.