Palestinian News Agency, Ma’an, reported on Thursday that Israeli bulldozers leveled a mosque in the neighborhood of Yazra in the eastern part of the central West Bank city of Tubas. The army claimed that the mosque was built without a construction permit.Ahmad As’ad, a Palestinian official, stated that soldiers invaded an area regarded by the army as a military training field, and they declared it a closed military zone before demolishing the only mosque which. The mosque was built in 1967 and the residents have attached two extra rooms to it .

As’ad added that the residents have official papers that prove the licensed construction of the mosque in 1967, and that the two rooms were added due to the increasing number of residents who attend this mosque.

Also, the troops tried to push the residents out of the area by imposing tight measures and strict military orders.

The neighborhood of Yazra is located in the eastern part of Tubas, with a population of nearly 200 people. All heavily depend on agriculture and livestock as the main source of livelihood.

Tubas is a small Palestinian city in the northeastern West Bank, located only 21 kilometers (13 mi) northeast of Nablus, a few kilometers west of the Jordan River.