Four Palestinians, including two prominent activists, were arrested in a late night raid, on Thursday, on the town of Beit Ummar, the Palestine Solidarity Project stated. Israeli forces from the Gush Etzion military base came, at 2.00 am on Thursday, to the homes of brothers Yousef and Mousa Abu Maria, both National Committee members and co-founders of the PSP, in Beit Ummar, southern West Bank.

Mousa, whose infant girl and wife are both Israeli citizens, was forced outside while soldiers searched his home. Three computers belonging to the organization were confiscated. Yousef, father of 10 year-old Reem, 4 year-old Obay, and 1 month-old Della’, was also taken from his home in the early hours of the morning.

A statement issued by the PSP said: ‘Both were held outside in freezing temperatures in Gush Etzion military base for over 5 hours; neither were allowed to put on proper shoes or clothing and repeated requests to be put inside were denied,’

The PSP also claimed Saddam Abu Dayyeh, aged 25, Muayad Mahmoud at-Tit, 20, from north of Beit Ummar, were detained.

The arrests come after months of protracted harassment on the committee of Beit Ummar, including a prior late-night home invasion last month. Both brothers are accused of organizing the weekly demonstrations against the illegal settlements in the area as well as of “bringing internationals” to Beit Ommar.

Yousef and Mousa Abu Maria were also allegedly ordered to stop a weekly land reclamation project in Saffa, few days after settlers from nearby Bat ‘Ayn set fire to Saffa land.

Two weeks ago, the Israeli army arrested several Palestinians and international activists participating in the project.