The Israeli army detained three Israeli peace activists and one young Palestinian man during the weekly Friday non-violent demonstration in the West bank village of al-Ma’sara , south of Bethlehem.Every Friday people from the villages in the area of al-Ma’sara, together with Israeli and international supporters, march to land confiscated by the Israelis. The land has been used to build the illegal settlement of Efrata and infrastructure for the Apartheid Wall.

This Friday, Israeli soldiers again prevented the march from reaching the land. The demonstrators demanded to be let through but almost immediately one male Israeli activist was grabbed by soldiers and taken away. Soon afterwards another Israeli was pushed to the ground and also placed in one the many military vehicles present.

The demonstrators were then pushed back into the village and when some young Palestinians threw stones in the direction of the soldiers and several rounds of teargas canisters were fired. Another Israeli activist was then detained as he protested the arrest of young Palestinian in the village.