Clashes were reported between dozens of Palestinian residents and Israeli policemen after the Jerusalem municipality demolished a Palestinian home in al-Isawiyya, in occupied East Jerusalem. Local sources reported that dozens of Israeli policemen and members of the Border Guard Units invaded al-Isawiyya town and surrounded dozens of homes to prepare for demolishing the home of Atiyya Ismael Imteir.

Dozens of residents clashes with the police and several residents were treated for the effects of teargas inhalation. The army also claimed that one policeman was mildly wounded in his face.

The police claimed that the home of Atiyya was built without a construction permit.
The home was demolished without any prior notice as the owner never received any document in this regard.

Furthermore, the police demolished a print house that belongs to resident Mohammad Robin. The Police claimed that the print house was built without a construction permit. All contents were confiscated.

On Tuesday, the al-Maqdese Society for Development reported that Israel has demolished 1,485 Palestinian homes in Jerusalem since it occupied East Jerusalem in 1967.

The Society added that the Jerusalem municipality issued more than 1,300 orders to demolish Palestinian homes and structures in the last two years.