Palestinian sources reported that resident Miriam al-Hour was abducted by the Israeli soldiers, on Monday, while visiting her detained brother, Jamal al-Hour, at the Nafha Israeli prison. Jamal al-Hour is a member of the al-Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of the Hamas movement. He is serving a life sentence.

The Prison Administration claimed that Miriam tried to smuggle a Palestinian Jawwal cell phone SIM card to her detained brother.

Her family denied the Israeli claim, denounced the arrest and demanded Israel to release her immediately.

Jamal al-Hour was abducted after a suicide bombing targeted a restaurant in Tel Aviv in 1997. Several Israelis along with the bomber, Mousa Ghneimat, were killed.

Al-Hour is also believed to be behind the abducting and the killing of Sharon Edri, an Israeli soldier who was kidnapped and killed seven months before the cell was arrested.

On Monday evening, detainees at the Nafha Prison stated that tension is rising at the prison especially after the soldiers abducted Miriam and later on attacked several detainees and their parents during visitation.

Head of the Bethlehem Branch of the Palestinian Prisoner Society, Abdul-Fattah Khalil, stated that the prison administration cut water and power supplies to punish the detainees.