Israeli troops arrested on Tuesday five activists from a European pro-Palestine movement as they were trying to cross the Al Hamra military roadblock, in the West Bank, the Palestinian Information Center reported. After confiscating their passports, and holding them captive for several hours, soldiers moved the five into the Al Hamra settlement to search and interrogate them for ‘supporting anti-Israel organization, referring to nonviolent movements against the occupation, the Annexation Wall and settlements.

Serena Moltono, the European movement’s spokesperson, stated that the volunteers were heading towards Tubas and Jenin West Bani cities to join local organizations in a number of activities.

The volunteers denounced Israel’s detention, and said they intend to file complaints to their embassies urging them to investigate the illegal Israeli practices and ill treatment.

Earlier on Sunday morning, a Palestinian youth was killed by Israeli troops at the Hamra road block.