Clashes took place on Friday evening between a number of Israeli soldiers and dozens of local Palestinian residents in Batn Al Hawa neighborhood in Silwan in occupied East Jerusalem; several injuries were reported.The clashes started after dozens of soldiers and policemen surrounded Silwan and fired dozens of gas bombs and rounds of live ammunition at homes that belong to the families of Nofal and Abu Sbeih. Israel wants the two families out of their homes in order to replace them with settlers.

There were reports of dozens of injuries among the residents, especially due to teargas inhalation, while the army prevented the ambulances from entering the area. A number of injuries were reported among the soldiers.

Also, soldiers surrounded the home of Zuheir Al Rajaby, and kidnapped him along with his brothers and several other residents. Two of the kidnapped residents were identified as Abdul-Hafeth Abu Ramouz, and Qassem Abu Mayyala.

The army also used military helicopters during the invasion while reports of clashes in several nearby neighborhoods were also reported. Troops used military dogs during the attack and prevented local medics and the media from entering the area.